Rest by the fire, traveller.
A new world awaits.

LandTorn is building the BASE hub for games and developing its own unique IP-verse of games.


Blending the best of both worlds to power the future of BASE Gaming

The platform for BASE play.

A platform for games using the BASE blockchain built on the LandTorn infrastructure & utilizing $TORN. Build your profile, play games, win rewards and get access to special events.

Game Studio and IP.

To build a vibrant gaming ecosystem we’re building our own cohort of games across web3 and traditional sandbox platforms. All built within the Lorak world powering the utility of Torn NFTs.

LandTorn Platform


One place to play all of your favourite BASE games, built for multiplayer and a one-time login system.


$TORN powered marketplace with a focus on new types of digital items to power games.

TXP & Tournaments

A cross ecosystem levelling and competition system built to create deeper rewards loops and community building. Doubles as a rep layer for all Torn Citizens.


Ecosystem token used by the Torn DAO. It is also the core part of our ecosystem that will power the meta-game of Torn IP and TornPass, which will act as

Lorak is the meta-game of the LandTorn universe, the anvil upon which all Torn NFTs are forged. Watch it gradually evolve through cataclysms.

Key access point for everything TORN. A new collective, bound by pillars of faith and vision.

An epic extraction FPS odyssey crafted on Unreal Engine, anchored in the world of Lorak and seamlessly woven into our meta-game tapestry

Skill meets speed in our browser-based FPS games, making its debut for LandTorn.

TORN fuels a universe of experiences, curated for the casual gamer and destined to elevate and grow our brand.

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